Sprucing Up Your Front Yard

Your front yard is the first thing people see when they arrive at your home, so it’s understandable that you want to keep it neat and tidy. Perhaps you’re preparing your garden for the summer, or maybe you want to transform your front yard so your home looks welcoming when you pull up after a long day.
5 months ago
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Get Summer Ready

As we shake off the torpor of a long winter and with warmer weather on the way, most of us will be reaching for the rake and attending to our neglected gardens, full of ambitious ideas for planting schemes and daydreams about entertaining loved ones outside.
6 months ago
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7 Ways To Make Sure Your Home Is Secure At Night

Whilst there are going to be dangers regardless of the time of day, the importance of keeping your home secure at night brings a completely different set of challenges that need to be addressed. Here are 7 simple ways to make sure your home is secure at night that will help you keep your family safe.
7 months ago
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How to create a traditional home with Endon Cagney Lighting

A home isn’t complete without light. It brightens up our rooms and sets the mood throughout You can transform any home into a traditional sanctuary with the right lighting. This can be easier than you think with the right placement and backdrops – we’re going to tell you how you can incorporate our very own Endon Cagney wall and ceiling lights into your home for a classic look.
7 months ago
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Bringing Light Back Into Your Home After Christmas

How many people have you heard bemoaning the fact that their home looks bare now their Christmas decorations are down? Is it something you’ve said? Perhaps you’re looking around and feeling that your rooms look duller and darker without festive sparkle too. This is the perfect time to assess the lighting in your home and get switched on to the way different light fixtures transform your living space.
9 months ago
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Creating A Modern Exterior With Outdoor Lighting

Create a stunning and ultra-modern outdoor lighting scheme for a home that shines bright even when it gets dark. Whether it's contemporary porch lighting, illuminated decks, abstract party lights or sparkling garden spotlights, here are four sleek ways to illuminate your outdoor space the modern way.
9 months ago
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How To Organise A Walk-in Wardrobe

A walk-in wardrobe should be customised to fit your lifestyle. As no-one’s wardrobe is the same, neither should their walk-in wardrobe be!

11 months ago
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Can Your Home Lighting Affect Your Mood?

In the same way that a sun-filled sky puts you in a much better mindset than a gloomy, overcast day does, the way you light your home also affects your mood.

11 months ago
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Making The Most Out Of Your Utility Room

The utility room can often be a room which is unloved and tired, but it can actually be a huge asset in your home. Many of us forget about the various uses of the utility room.

11 months ago
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The Best Lights For A Loft Conversion

Whether you use your attic room as a bedroom, an office space or a snug, a loft conversion is a fantastic use of extra space in your home and can even add value to your property.

11 months ago
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