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Anglepoise Lighting

Anglepoise Lamps, Type 75, Type1228 And Type 3 Anglepoise Lamps to buy at Lights4Living. In 1935 George Carwardine, fom Bath, wanted to make a light that would enable him to illuminate the underneath of car engines when he was working on them. Development in this led to the design of the Anglepoise lamp over 70 years ago which was then sold and licenced. The Unique design with 3 springs integrated into the unit allows a huge degree of movement ensuring that light can be available wherever needed. The springs also allow the light to remain in one place as they do not 'bounce' back. This unique and versatile table or reading lamp will add a new dimension to you home. For over 70 years, Anglepoise has created table lamps and table lights that are now British design classics. In that time, they have redefined all a table lamp has been and can be. Anglepoise table lamps remain true to George Carwardine’s original design whilst incorporating modern features, such as energy saving bulbs. The energy saving lamps are designed to replicate the intensity of light that is demanded by professionals, such as graphic artists and interior designers.Anglepoise are currently celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Anglepoise Original 1227, just one of the various famous ranges which include the Type 3, Type1228 and Type 75.

A modern British icon - The Anglepoise lamp remains a popular choice because of its versatility and flexibility, setting it apart from many other lighting options. These famous lights can now be found in many restaurants, bars and hotels around the world, making this British brand a true global icon. Anglepoise lamps are available in a wide variety of finishes and colours including black, white, grey, mustard yellow and seagrass green as well as contemporary chrome. Anglepoise lights can be freestanding, in large or small sizes, or attached to a wall or ceiling for ultimate customisation. 

Choose from the following styles:

Freestanding lights - These lights are perfect for office spaces and desks because of the incredible flexibility of movement they provide. If saving space is a priority, check out the smaller mini size. These are the most popular Anglepoise lamp and available in many colours and finishes.

Anglepoise Floor lights - An Anglepoise floor light makes the perfect reading light and the angular shape ensures it's a striking feature in an office or lounge. It's ideal for a contemporary home.

Anglepoise Wall lights - For striking wall lighting, Anglepoise has many solutions bring together effortless style with practical function. These are also available in a smaller size if space-saving is a consideration.

Anglepoise Ceiling Pendant lights - Hang these stunning lights in a kitchen, dining area, lounge or bedroom for an effective lighting solution that can be used in isolation or in combination with many other Anglepoise products. They look striking when hung over a dining table and can be adjusted to hang as high or as low as required.

Your choice of lighting will add character and personality to your space, whether you have a modern or traditional home. With such a vast array of choice, there is an Anglepoise lighting option to suit every interior scheme.