12 volt Halogen Wire Systems

12 Volt Halogen spotlights on Adjustable length wires providing maximum versatility.

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When lighting a large modern space, stainless steel halogen spotlights on an elegant wire-frame system can provide a flexible and adaptable lighting solution.

Lights4Living has the best halogen wire system available with space for 6 LED lights on one frame offering great value for money.

You can use a lighting system to create a sophisticated, modern and elegant lighting solution, ideal for conservatories, the hall, the landing, a large kitchen or living room, the stairwell, or in utility spaces.

LED spotlights use less energy, provide bright light, and last significantly longer than any other form of light bulb.

Halogen/LED light bulbs are small, therefore they have lots of flexible applications in your design. They provide bright light while using minimum space.

In a large room, it can be challenging to decide where to install your lights. The priority is to avoid dark corners or bad placement choices resulting in otherwise useful areas of the room becoming badly lit. A wire-frame system means you can have multiple lights and you can move them up and down the frame according to your needs. Lengths can vary up to 5 meters long lending the product to a wide range of applications. Wire systems offer significant versatility with one easy light installation.