Get Summer Ready

Get Summer Ready!

As we shake off the torpor of a long winter and with warmer weather on the way, most of us will be reaching for the rake and attending to our neglected gardens, full of ambitious ideas for planting schemes and daydreams about entertaining loved ones outside.

The children's play area and your garden furniture may need refreshing and when the leaves are swept away and the grass has been cut, our thoughts turn to what else can we do to maximise the potential of our gardens. The obvious option is to extend the amount of time we can spend outdoors, and that means one thing, lighting.

A New Way of Thinking

In the UK, we have been rather slow when it comes to outdoor illumination. Garden lighting is big business in the US and Australia, where outdoor living is as much embraced as indoor. Somehow, we have been rather shy about the concept, preferring a few sparse tea lights in jam jars as a token gesture as the sun sets. Perhaps it is because our summers are somewhat lacklustre compared to abroad? Whatever the reason for our hesitation, with so many options now available in the form of outdoor coverings and buildings, there seems little excuse not to immerse oneself in the possibilities and outdoor lighting is crucial to this arrangement.

The Fun Continues

The fun need not end when the sun sets. We know about the wide variety of heaters and fire pits available to keep us cosy, but what about the psychological warmth generated from twinkling bulbs and well-placed lights? Lighting can be as crucial to the success of a garden as landscaping and plant schemes and there is a plethora to choose from including step lights, garden spotlights, wall lights, tree lights, lamp posts and lanterns. Every zone of your garden, from the porch to the play area can be lit according to your taste and it is plain to see that this is a smart investment that need not cost the earth.

Economical Additions

Unlike the shrubs and plants you choose, garden lighting requires little maintenance and is easy to install. Lighting also represents a good investment in your property, particularly if you are thinking of selling. Outdoor space can add up to 20% to the price of a property and buyers are increasingly looking for low maintenance options, which lighting delivers in spades. It is possible to maximise your outdoor space's potential for far less than you might imagine, which will not only emphasize your garden but also flatter your house.

Seeing the Light

When choosing your lights, you need to ask yourself some key questions. It is important to know what you want your lighting to achieve for you. Do you want to add drama to your space by accenting key plants and trees with a deep, theatrical feel or are you planning on entertaining where twinkling tree lights might add a sense of frivolity to the proceedings? It might be sensible to illuminate pathways for safety reasons or treat your pond to some water-friendly pond lighting. Patio lighting set the scene on entry and cleverly placed lighting can even hide outdated features from view.


We are experts when it comes to delivering all manner of lighting. At Lights for Living, we have over thirty-five years of experience in delivering quality, affordable lighting to our valued clients. We offer traditional customer service so whatever your illumination needs, we will know how to best help you to achieve your ideal outdoor space.

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