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Huge selection of Table Lamps and Desk Lamps including the Iconic Anglepoise lamps, Jenny Worral Design Table Lamps and an array of Modern and Contemporary Lamps and illuminated sculptures.

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At Lights4Living, we offer a wide selection of charming lanterns, fetching floor lamps and dazzling crystal lights. You’ll be sure to find the ideal item for a decorative touch and to illuminate your home.

Desk lamps are excellent options for lighting up a living area. You can choose to add a bold statement or a soft and subtle touch. We have carefully selected a range of options including neutral shades, vibrant hues and pretty patterned pieces.

You’ll find a choice of vintage-inspired designs such as bankers desk lamps. This style is fantastic for dressing up any area. There are traditional table lamps with timeless structures that would suit minimalistic décor nicely. Some of our modern lamps and touch table lamps feature truly elegant embellishments and there are plenty to choose from to suit the space you’re working with, the furnishing style and your practical needs.

To create a cosy feel for your home, there are infinite possibilities. A small and delicate piece can add a hint of glamour to a dressing table, a coffee table or a mantlepiece. A larger standing lamp can help to cast more light into your living quarters during gloomier seasons. We have a selection of Jenny Worrall’s artistic creations that are sure to provide any room with detail, dimension and diversity. They offer a unique beauty and would make a thoughtful gift for a house-proud loved one.

Desk lamps are ideal for lighting up a workspace. Perhaps a home study, a library or an office. The added dimension of light will help to increase production levels. It will also provide protection to the eyes, minimising stress from over-straining.

Floor lamps also make for wonderful additions to businesses built on ambience. This could be a hotel, restaurant or possibly the shop floor of a boutique. Many options are adjustable to suit your lighting needs. Have a browse to discover your perfect table lamp.