Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

A bright home is a happy home. Transform your dark and unwelcoming rooms with these clever lighting tips.


The bedroom should be a place for quiet relaxation.

Chandeliers can create a relaxing atmosphere and are a statement feature.

Wall sconces will provide illumination for general tasks.

Swing-arm wall lamps will offer adequate lighting for reading.

Living Room

Living room lighting must accommodate all of the activities that take place.

Table lamps scattered around the room are important for task lighting.

Chandeliers are decorative and add real depth to a room.

Wall sconces either side of a mirror or a piece of art will add real ambience.


The bathroom needs to be relaxing and practical.

Recessed LED lighting in niches or flooring will help create atmosphere.

Mirror lighting is flattering on the face and provides adequate light for tasks.

Make sure all bathroom lighting has the correct IP rating for the zone.


The kitchen is the busiest room, requiring a combination of lighting.

Glare-free lighting such as an overhead pendant or track lighting with dimmer switch will allow you to create a softer effect when relaxing.

Under-cabinet recessed LEDs will provide countertop lighting for tasks.

Create mood by installing small directional lights on the inside of glass front cabinets.

Home Office

Quality lighting is essential for productivity in the home office.

Floor lamps will provide illumination without creating glare or contrast.

An adjustable table lamp will put the light where you need it for tasks.

Wall sconces will offer visual appeal.


The hallway is the entrance to the home and must present a safe welcome to guests.

A hallway should be illuminated every 8-10 feet.

Track lighting will provide a good source of general lighting.

Wall lighting can be used to accent artwork and family photos.

Dining Room

The dining room is used as a place for socialising and entertaining.

A chandelier should act as the focal point of the room, suspended over
a table.

Wall lighting will complement the chandelier and will help accent
any artwork

Use dimmer switches to help set the mood you want.

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