The Correct Way To Clean Your Interior Lights

The Correct Way To Clean Your Interior Lights

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The correct way to clean Your

interior lights

Spring cleaning is in the air and this means cleaning every inch of your home, including the interior lights.

Nobody likes the chore of cleaning, but once your lights are cleaned, the room will feel fresh and much brighter.

Below, we focus on the best ways to clean different types of interior lights in your home.


Safety rules before you begin

The top safety priority is that you should turn off the electricity supply to the light fixture. It's also a good idea to stick tape across the light switch to stop yourself, and others, from accidentally switching on the light. Never use a wet cloth near the crevices of light bulbs, as water can get in and damage the electrics.

Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights always become dusty over time. The real difficulty here is accessing them, so be sure to use a sturdy step ladder. Simply remove the fixture cover and wash it in soapy water. Once fully dried this can then be buffed up by using a microfibre cloth. To clean the actual ceiling light, simply use a dry cloth to remove the dust. If the dust is particularly bad, then you can lightly spray a cloth with cleaning fluid, but stay well away from the filament. Just be sure that the bulb is cool to avoid burning your hand.

Wall lights

Wall lights are much easier to clean simply because they are usually more accessible. Once again be sure to turn off the light and allow the bulb to cool before cleaning. Use a microfibre cloth to clean the bulb, globes, and any cable, as this will not tarnish the surface. The cloth can be lightly sprayed with cleaning fluid if the dust is hard to shift, but keep well away from the electrical fixture.

Recessed lights

Recessed lights can be a little tricky to clean because of where they are placed and the fact that they are flat. The best way to clean these lights is by using a duster with a long handle. This will trap any cobwebs and accumulated dust. Alternatively, if they haven't been cleaned for some time, you can use a slightly damp cloth.

Bathroom Lights

Bathroom lights are sadly neglected when it comes to cleaning the bathroom, but they are fairly easy to clean. Start by removing any cover from the light fixture and soak in soapy water. If the dust is hard to remove, then scrub with a cloth. Once clean, dry thoroughly and replace. If the fixture is made from glass, you can use a glass cleaner and then dry with a paper towel.

We hope that this guide on how to clean your interior lights has been useful and insightful. As a final note, it's always best to dust your interior lights at least once a month, to keep them glowing as brightly as possible, and to make the yearly spring clean that little bit easier. Happy cleaning!

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