Sprucing Up Your Front Yard

Sprucing up your front yard

Your front yard is the first thing people see when they arrive at your home, so it’s understandable that you want to keep it neat and tidy. Perhaps you’re preparing your garden for the summer, or maybe you want to transform your front yard so your home looks welcoming when you pull up after a long day. Whatever your reasons, take a look at these amazing ideas to spruce up your front yard.

Pull weeds

Over the winter when gardening is less than ideal, you may have noticed a few weeds cropping up here and there. Pulling weeds from your front yard is a simple, cheap (actually it’s completely free) and effective way of neatening up your front lawn. Check for weeds in between paving slabs and underneath fences or hedges surrounding your front garden.

If you’re dealing with stubborn weeds, consider using a weed killer on your front lawn. Be wary of these products as they may damage the grass too, so make sure you follow the instructions.

Looking for something that’s less maintenance in your front yard? You may be considering removing grass from your front yard to replace it with something more manageable like gravel. To prevent weeds from growing through, lay down some thick tarpaulin before laying down your gravel.

Add ambient lighting

Outdoor lights are a great way of illuminating your garden, especially during the summer when you’re more likely to still be outside even when it’s dark! You could opt for outdoor wall lights to mount to the side of your house or porch to create beautiful ambient lighting for you and any guests you may be entertaining over the summer!

You may also want to think about security lighting for your front yard. Even the quietest of neighbourhoods experience theft and break-ins, and installing security lights can help deter thieves as well as provide adequate lighting for your front lawn.

Revamp your porch

Your porch may be looking a little worn over time, so why not spruce it up with a lick of paint? Repainting your porch will instantly revive your front yard as well as adding some serious curb appeal to your home.

If you’ve got the space, you may want to consider adding some seating to enjoy the long and warm summer nights. If you want to keep costs down, why not repaint your current outdoor furniture to give it a new lease of life?

Decorate your porch with ornaments and hanging flower baskets, and illuminate your hard efforts with stunning porch lighting. When it comes to the summer, you’ll look forward to entertaining your guests on your porch overlooking your beautiful front yard.

Jetwash your driveway and path

Dirt, grease and mud slowly build up over time on your drive and pathways. This can quickly make your front yard look dull and uninviting, but that doesn’t mean you need to have everything resurfaced! Buy or borrow a jet washer to quickly and effectively remove the grime that’s built up over the years. You’ll be surprised how much really has built up!

If your pathway slabs are cracked and old, consider heading to your local DIY store to pick up some new slabs. They’re fairly inexpensive and don’t take much to lay a beautiful pathway to your home. Why not get creative with slabs of different shapes, colours and sizes to create a pretty path up to your beautiful porch?

Add homely features

Finally, the last thing you want is for your front yard to look like any other generic front yard, so add some homely features! If you collect garden gnomes, why not create a charming display in your front yard? Or, if you’re a lover of wildlife, consider adding a birdbath and building a birdhouse nearby to offer them shelter. Here are some other quick ideas to make your front yard look more homely:

Add a personalised lockable mailbox
Handmake a sign for your front gate welcoming friends and family
Place ornaments around your garden or on your porch such as wall-mountable decorations
Purchase evergreen shrubbery to plant along your pathway

As you can see, there are a plethora of ways you can spruce up your front yard! Which is your favourite?

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