How To Organise A Walk-in Wardrobe


How To Organise A Walk-In Wardrobe

Are you struggling to find your clothing or accessories?
Or perhaps you are fighting to fit everything into your current layout.

A walk-in wardrobe should be customised to fit your lifestyle. As no-one’s wardrobe is the same, neither should their walk-in wardrobe be! If you don’t have enough room for all of your belongings, consider adding storage solutions from racks, rods, drawers, to baskets. Optimise your space using our tips on how to organise your walk-in wardrobe.


Have a clear-out

First things first, the best step towards organisation is to have a clear out. Begin by removing every item in your walk-in wardrobe to tackle the clutter. Once you have removed every item, wipe down and clean the area to start fresh.

Now is the time to really think about what clothes you never wear. Ask yourself:

“Have I worn it recently?”
“Does it fit me?”
“Is it in good condition?”

Sort your belongings into piles – keep, donate, and throw away. Keep your wardrobe clutter-free by regularly sorting out any items that you no longer use.


Redesign and add storage

Make the most of your walk-in wardrobe space by optimising the available space. Consider redesigning your current layout with some of the following ideas:

Dedicate a wall to rods
Install storage up to the ceiling
Add double hanging rods
Create tall storage for long items
Store your most used items in prominent spots
Add shelves for out of season clothes
Store misc. accessories in baskets
Add compartments into drawers
Install hooks for scarves, belts, etc

You may also want to consider creating separate spaces for a different type of item. For example, create an area for just skirts, handbags, etc. Folding tip: fold your clothing upright (like a file cabinet) to maximise drawer space. It will also make it much easier to see everything.


How to colour-coordinate your walk-in wardrobe

A colour-coordinated walk-in wardrobe not only looks beautiful, but it offers fantastic functionality too. Say goodbye to sifting through every item you own before finally finding that blue shirt!

Firstly, start by arranging your clothing into “types”. For instance, group your jackets together, dresses together, and so on. Then within each of these groups, sort them into colours.

A great way to add some style into your colour-coordinated wardrobe is to use the rainbow layout: white, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, brown, grey, black. For any items that are patterned, you could either dedicate a space to patterned clothing or decide on the primary colour.


Lighting solutions for walk-in wardrobes

In most walk-in wardrobes, there is often no natural lighting. Adding some simple lighting can dramatically change the look of your wardrobe. Here are some tips for adding lighting to make your wardrobe look great:

LED Lights – LED Spotlights are the most commonly used lights for this type of application. LEDs generate very little heat, even if installed behind glass, which is perfect for a walk-in wardrobe! They are also long-lasting which means no time wasted on changing bulbs often.

Floating Look – Achieve a floating look to your cabinets by installing some lightings in the base of your storage units. Simple yet effective!

LED Strip Lights – Strip lights are easily installed with their adhesive backing, allowing you to install them anywhere. LED strip lights are fully customisable and can be added to the top, bottom, or even inside your storage areas.

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