How to Change the Light Bulb in a Hanging Porch Lantern

The entrance to your home looks even more attractive when you add a hanging porch lantern. It illuminates the front door, providing a warm welcome for visitors. A lantern helps keep your home safe and secure by highlighting steps and deterring intruders. Whichever hanging porch lantern you choose, you'll often need to supply and fit a suitable light bulb yourself.

It's a relatively simple procedure, but the precise instructions usually depend on the individual lanterns within each popular brand.

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Endon Lighting

Endon Lighting manufactures a range of porch lanterns that combine traditional and contemporary styling. Popular designs are circular or octagonal lamps with ornamental Edwardian-inspired scrollwork. Materials include lightweight aluminium with a black finish that resembles cast iron. An alternative may be a lamp frame made of sleek stainless steel. The lanterns are often suspended from a chain. The light bulb is usually visible through the glass.

Depending on the individual model, Endon hanging porch lanterns generally require an ES GLS bulb. It's a commonly used bulb for all types of lamps. The ES or Edison Screw refers to the fitting of the bulb which simply screws in. GLS or General Service Lamp indicates the bulb has a classic bulb design with an interior filament. Endon porch lanterns are usually designed to open beneath the shade, making it easy to install the light bulb. Undo the two small finials on either side of the lamp to release the canopy. Insert the bulb into the upward facing bulb fitting and screw firmly into place. Replace the lamp shade and secure by fastening the two finials.

Astro Lighting

The Astro Lighting outdoor collection features contemporary hanging porch lanterns with minimalist charm. Typically sparse designs include rectangular frames in materials such as polished nickel. It's an ideal choice for homes with an industrial decor. Insulated glass adds to the strength and brilliance of the lamp while making the bulb clearly visible. A nickel chain is usually included.

The simplicity of these designs makes it easy to change the bulb. On some models, the glass panels slide out, others have a removable base plate secured with screws. The light bulb fitting has a screw connection that usually points downwards. It's generally suitable for use with a 60 W E27 GLS bulb. This form of incandescent bulb could probably include a traditional tungsten filament, which emits strong white light. Alternatively, choose an energy-efficient 12 W LED bulb. Both versions should provide a brightness of around 800 lumens.

Elstead Lighting

The outdoor hanging lanterns from Elstead have a rustic elegance that should complement any home from modern townhouses to quaint cottages. The lanterns frequently have names of counties to increase the countryside appeal of these beautiful lamps. They are usually manufactured in lightweight aluminium with a durable black finish that resembles cast iron. There is often a choice of round or square lanterns, and many have additional scrollwork embellishments. Frosted glass is usually part of the design, concealing the bulb and casting a soft illumination.

Most of the lanterns in the Elstead hanging lantern collection feature canopies over the glass lamp. To change the light bulb, the canopy needs to be detached. Undo the screws on either side of the frame just below the canopy. The light bulb generally points downward. Some models can take a 100 W ES GLS bulb which should easily screw into the fitting. Replace the canopy and secure by tightening the screws.

Quintiesse Lighting

The maritime influence is very evident in many of the hanging porch lanterns from Quintiesse. They often feature seamless, cylindrical glass containers for the bulbs. The lamps are then enclosed in an outer frame of charcoal black, weathered zinc in a design that is reminiscent of a boat or lighthouse lamp. Many of the lanterns have an IP rating of 44, which means they should withstand a light spray of moisture providing the lamp itself is beneath a secure, sheltered canopy.

When the light bulb requires changing, the maritime style frame has to be detached to gain access to the glass container. In most instances, there are small screws at the base of each vertical part of the frame. Once released, the glass should easily pull away, revealing the bulb and its socket. There is often a choice of using a standard 60 W ES bulb, or the LED equivalent of 12W.

A hanging porch lantern is the perfect accessory for the exterior of your home. Most lamps now offer the choice of traditional bulbs or energy-saving LED bulbs. When you want to reduce the brilliance, choose dimmable bulbs where compatible. Over the years, it's easy to lose the instructions for changing the light bulb. However, take time to see how the lamp is constructed. There is usually a logical method of dismantling the hanging porch lantern for easy bulb replacement.

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