How Colours & Lighting Can Affect Your Mood

How Colours & Lighting Can Affect Your Mood


How colours and lighting
can affect your mood

When it comes to setting the right mood in each room, colours and lighting are essential. The paint we choose for our walls and even the light bulbs we select for our lamps are an essential consideration that can completely transform the vibe of our room. Don't just take our word for it, numerous studies suggest that the light and colour of a home or work environment can influence our mood and even alter our productivity levels. When you don't have natural lighting at your disposal, it's important to take full advantage of the artificial lighting available, thinking about how you can use lighting in each room.

Here are 5 different ways colour and lighting can affect your mood:

Warm toned lights are more intimate

There's a reason why harsh colours and strobe lighting are reserved for clubs and shops, as they make you feel on edge and more alert. If you want to ensure that your room has a relaxing vibe and feels more intimate, then you need to make full use of warm-toned lighting. Lamps and light bulbs that give off a golden glow make you feel warm and ready to wind down for the day. This is perfect for the living room at home, or even the break room at work as these are environments where you're meant to de-stress.

Harsh tones and lighting can disrupt your sleep pattern

One essential part to the minimalist look has to be lighting. Rooms are shown off to their best when they’re well lit, so make smart use of lighting if you want to pull the look off successfully. Bright ceiling lights in the kitchen will make clear surfaces gleam, so think about installing spotlights or recessed lights. 

The same is true of bathroom lights. As bathrooms tend to be the smallest room in the house, it’s key that they’re well lit to make the space feel larger. You can continue the trend outdoors. Outdoor lights dotted around a patio space improve the ambience and mean you can get the most from long summer evenings.

Lamps can brighten up gloomy corners

If you've got a larger space to play with, getting each corner of the room adequately lit can be taxing. Ceiling lights can cover a large surface area but will be unable to reach certain corners and alcoves; staring at a dimly lit area in the room can be unnerving and really dampen your mood. Luckily, smaller lights and lamps can help combat this issue, allowing you to alter the lighting in the room according to your preference. Picture lights are another great idea, illuminating paintings and fixtures. They are ideal for the modern home or business hoping to create a relaxing environment.

A well-lit area can make you feel secure

Picture this: you've had an amazing garden party and the sun is starting to set, but the garden isn't adequately lit; would you be eager to stay, or desperate to get home and out of the darkness? Most people know how to light up the interior of their home but forget all about the exterior. Outdoor lights can make you feel more secure outside and also make your building's exterior more attractive.

Poor lighting leave us feeling low

The seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression caused by poor lighting, especially during the winter months. This surprisingly common condition shows just how important it is to keep your home and work environment well lit. When redesigning your home, make ceiling lights and wall fixtures a priority instead of an afterthought.

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