Creating a Permanent Working From Home Space

Creating a permanent working from home space

Since early 2020, many of us have worked from home. What began as a necessity has become a welcome way of life, as we discover the many benefits of working from our own environments. With working from home becoming a more and more popular option, setting up a laptop on the dining table is no longer a suitable way to go on.

To get the most out of working from home, you need to set up a real work from home space. However, it can be challenging to know where to begin.

Read on, as we have collected some of the best ways to create a permanent working from home space, from picture lights to internet connection!

Choose the best spot

The actual space that you choose as your work from home spot is vital. While to begin with you may have felt it was a luxury to be able to work from your bed or the sofa, that cannot be a long term solution. Where possible, set up a room as your own office where you can have privacy and focus. This also allows you to close the door on your working day when you are done.

If you can’t access an entire room, pick a well-lit space in your home and set up a proper desk and chair there. Try to find somewhere quiet and away from any other family members so you can prioritise your work.

Light it up

The lighting in your workspace matters - you know this if you have ever tried to work in a dimly lit office, or with fluorescent lighting flickering overhead! While ceiling lights are great for duller days, you can create a more ambient lighting effect with wall lights or traditional picture lights. Keep your office space bright so you feel more awake all day long!

Consider ergonomics

Another great reason to not work from that comfy chair or your bed is ergonomics. You probably haven’t considered this before as your office chair was most likely ergonomic, as was your desk set up. Now, it’s up to you! Ensure that your chair is a proper office chair that is comfortable and good for your physical health, as you will be working long days. Having a proper desk also helps with this, and everything you need should be in easy reach without you needing to strain too much.

Stay connected

A simple but important part of working from home is remaining connected to the world outside, so make sure that your space is somewhere with an excellent internet connection. You do not want to keep dropping out during meetings, and picking up a cheap WiFi booster can help with this.

Make it yours

On a brighter note, you also need to make your work from home space your own! If this is the new way of working, you should embrace that with pictures that cheer you up and inspire you to work, plants for that much-needed bit of greenery, and your favourite coffee mug for breaks! Make your space feel like a place you want to go to.

Are you ready to set up your own work from home space? Get ready to embrace a new normal and make the most of your work from home life!

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