Creating A Modern Exterior With Outdoor Lighting

Creating A Modern Exterior
With Outdoor Lighting

Create a stunning and ultra-modern outdoor lighting scheme for a home that shines bright even when it gets dark. Whether it's contemporary porch lighting, illuminated decks, abstract party lights or sparkling garden spotlights, here are four sleek ways to illuminate your outdoor space the modern way.

Practical Porch Lighting That Looks Contemporary

Make the exterior of your home look beautiful from the sidewalk with elegant porch lighting that doubles up as both a security feature and a way to greet guests at your door. Our selection of modern porch lighting will change the atmosphere at the front of your house, making it feel inviting and warm. Achieve a sleek look with the Astro 1354001 Box Outdoor Porch Light, which comes in both a black and polished nickel finish and features clear glass and clean lines for a contemporary silhouette. One either side of your front door will take your porch lighting to the next level in an entirely elegant way. If you’re looking for a minimalistic stand-out style to flank your door, try the Endon 55689 Seran Plain Outdoor Light which sits flush against a wall or ceiling for illumination with a modern edge. Outdoor wall lights are another great option worth exploring to light up a patio.

Swish Garden Spotlights

Modern spotlights are great for highlighting key features in the garden or creating zones that can range from bohemian cool to cosy nooks. If you have a beautiful tree in your garden aim your spotlights at the underside of the tree’s crown for a dazzling lighting effect. Add two wooden Adirondack chairs and a low table and you have a beautiful evening picnic area that will be softly lit. Try a selection of the Endon ST5011 Odyssey Outdoor Ground Spike Lights in Brushed Stainless Steel which are easy to push into the grass or gravel and will give you a swish aesthetic that looks luxe.

Perfect Garden Party Vibes

Blend indoor and outdoor décor for perfect garden party vibes and create an alfresco entertainment space that rivals an exotic hotel beach restaurant. Use scene-stealing patio lighting such as the Mantra M1326 Flame 1 Light Large Outdoor Table Lamp In Opal White or the Mantra M1322 Pine 4 Light Outdoor Floor Light In Anthracite to light up a leafy dining spot after dark. These design-led outdoor lights are perfect for a luxury look that calls for outdoor celebrations. Bring out a wood fire pizza oven, faux fur rugs, oversized lounge chairs and a sound system and you’ll have a very chic garden party space.

Add Drama With Decking Lights

Get your deck glowing all year round with strategically placed decking lights that will give you the perfect spot for candlelit suppers. Deck lighting is essential as the days get shorter and you still want to enjoy that outside space. Our selection of decking lights will turn your garden into an ethereal winter wonderland, offering you a lighting solution that’s energy-efficient, bright and long-lasting. Go for in-floor lighting for a modern look and add extra stair lighting for standout style. We’ve got round, square and plinth lighting for your decking that will enable you to create ambient areas for guests. Decorative and functional, installing a lighting scheme along your decking will elevate your home into a glossy-magazine-worthy space.

At Lights4Living our selection of sleek and modern fixtures guarantee you'll be able to create multi-functional spaces for entertaining, boost the curbside appeal of your home and highlight beautiful features in your garden. Contemporary outdoor lighting is a huge lifestyle trend that will transform your home, and with 2020 meaning we’re spending a lot more time alfresco, it’s the perfect time to up your landscape lighting game.

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