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Bringing Light Back Into Your Home After Christmas

How many people have you heard bemoaning the fact that their home looks bare now their Christmas decorations are down? Is it something you’ve said? Perhaps you’re looking around and feeling that your rooms look duller and darker without festive sparkle too. This is the perfect time to assess the lighting in your home and get switched on to the way different light fixtures transform your living space.
1 month ago

Creating A Modern Exterior With Outdoor Lighting

Create a stunning and ultra-modern outdoor lighting scheme for a home that shines bright even when it gets dark. Whether it's contemporary porch lighting, illuminated decks, abstract party lights or sparkling garden spotlights, here are four sleek ways to illuminate your outdoor space the modern way.
2 months ago

Picture Lighting Guide

At Lights 4 Living we offer what is probably the largest selection of Picture lights in the U.K. We have a huge selection of Traditional picture Lights, Modern Picture Lights, Frame mounted picture lights , LED picture lights and Low energy picture lights.

6 months ago