Bringing Light Back Into Your Home After Christmas

Bringing Light Back Into Your Home After Christmas

Bringing light back into your home
after christmas

How many people have you heard bemoaning the fact that their home looks bare now their Christmas decorations are down? Is it something you’ve said? Perhaps you’re looking around and feeling that your rooms look duller and darker without festive sparkle too.

This is the perfect time to assess the lighting in your home and get switched on to the way different light fixtures transform your living space. Not least as the dingy winter weather and long nights are here for a while and we will all be spending more time at home for the foreseeable future.

Let’s get it sparkling and cheerful!

Go Decorative with your lighting

With your Christmas decorations packed up, you may be craving not just more of a glow but also more colour in your rooms. This could mean that it's your main lighting fixtures that need to be updated. After all, it is possible to buy home lights that are glorious whether they are on or off!

Take for example stunning tiffany ceiling, wall or floor lamps. They can make any room more interesting. If you have a more modern décor, why not match it with a statement LED ceiling light such as our Endon MUNI-CH-S LED Small Bubble Polished Chrome Pendant. It’s even reminiscent of a year-round sparkling bauble!

Or, if you prefer, add a picture light to your favourite artwork, so that works harder to cheer you up. Or illuminate shelving so your photographs, ornaments and heirlooms stand out more and add even more interest to your interior design.

uplights for an uplift

Another way to chase away the post-Christmas blues - and make the coming weeks more uplifting - is to explore locations for uplights.

what is uplighting

You may well already have single or track spotlights illuminating areas of your living space. Uplights do the same job, but shining upwards. They look stylish and serve a practical purpose in bathrooms and kitchens for example.

A great example is stainless steel LED Driveover Lights that can be recessed into tiling. A novel way to help give your room an inexpensive floor to ceiling makeover.

talking of bathrooms

What better way is there to soak away the January doldrums than with a bubble bath or hot shower? As your bathroom can be your safe haven, pamper station or relaxation zone, the lighting will be particularly crucial.

There’s a tendency to have bright lights in this living area, but it could well be time to vary that. You can have more ambient, mood lighting over the bath or shower, then use such ingenious fixtures as illuminated mirrors and recessed bathroom spotlights to add brightness in key areas. You can even buy a bathroom shelf with spotlights built-in, made from shimmering chrome plate and glass.

flexible lighting solutions

Many homes double as offices and classrooms at the moment! Which means your post-Christmas interior assessment could well include finding the best spots for work and study.

Lights such as Anglepoise and contemporary desk lights are ideal. You can move them to where they are needed to boost the light quality and hopefully the rate of productivity. Touch lamps are a safe and especially convenient way to provide extra light when needed.

By the way, another handy modern invention is kitchen motion sensor switches, which automatically light up the room when someone walks in. That might be useful when you stumble in for a late-night snack or your morning coffee!

don't forget outdoor living space

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